INFO Shipping

Transit and delivery time

Once your tracking has updates, the shipping-time clock has started. Your tracking details will give you the precise date of shipment. Please refer to this as your first day of shipment. For international shipments, there are two sets of customs your package must go through – from the country of origin and the country of destination. Please do not be alarmed by this. It is completely normal and required before a package can exit a country and enter a new one. Because of this, you will not experience the speed of a package shipped domestically. It takes time and unfortunately the time is neither measurable nor predictable. Due this process, the overall shipping time frame is between 1-4 weeks. Though it can be annoying, patience is required at times.


Methods of shipment

We have tested several types of shipping procedures, to verify the most successful methods. After many successful years in business, Regular Airmail and EMS has proven to be the most successful, in terms of the highest rates of delivery, within a reasonable shipping time frame. That is an expert opinion. We do not take extra charge for EMS shipping method, unless HGH & Peptides products. The highest success rate of your package is our highest priority. We take pride in achieving the best possible results for you, as a loyal customer.

Tracking numbers

Most packages will have a tracking number. If not, it’s a very rare case. Once shipped, direct tracking links are available on your order page. Click the tracking number on your order page and select the available tracking link to follow-up. Your order page can be found here under My Account.

Shipping to P.O. Box

All the shipping options we offer deliver to P.O Box addresses, except courier services like UPS, Fedex, DHL etc. We ask that you please double check your address information to ensure accuracy before submitting it to us in order to avoid any possible delays. Please be sure you are using the registered addressee (name registered at that address). Use of anything otherwise, runs the risk of non-delivery or customs detention.