Methods of Payment


Our available payment methods are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Western Union, MoneyGram (online payments are accepted), Zelle (online payments are accepted) and RIA. Debit cards may be used to fill your Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets. Your preferred payment method is chosen in the checkout process. Once the order is placed, a detailed, stress-free guide will be provided to have your payment quickly processed. Should you need any further assistance, our billing department is ready to assist you at

Paying with Western Union or MoneyGram

When you checkout your order on our site, please select your preferred payment plan. You are then given payment details and instructions. Please take these details to your nearest agency, to fill out a very short and easy form. We cannot accept online transactions, as a security measure. Once completed, a receipt will be provided, with payment confirmation details. Use that receipt to fill in your payment confirmation details, on your order page. Once done, your payment will be processed by our payment department.

Paying with Bitcoins and Litecoins

Save 10% on any non-sale items, when you use Bitcoin or Litecoin! With the exponential growth of digital currencies, we have been given a great opportunity for fast, secure, and legal transfers. It is completely anonymous for those looking to keep their life private. For more details, please use the guide provided in checkout.

DISCLAIMER: Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) are not the same thing.